Steamboat Item

HAIDILAO Hotpot Ratten Mix Vege Flavour ٽζʲ߲

HAIDILAO Hotpot Tomato Chicken Flavour ̷С

HAIDILAO Hotpot Tomato Beef Flavour ̷ţ

HAIDILAO Hotpot Mala Beef Flavour ţ

HAIDILAO Fragrance Curry Pot Ũ

HAIDILAO Hot Pot Beef Tripe ̴ˬţ

HAIDILAO Spicy Vegetarian Pot ʳ

HAIDILAO Spicy Assorted Vegetables Pot ʲ߲

HAIDILAO Tomato Soup Base 200g ̷ѻ

HAIDILAO Spicy Mala Soup Base 220g ͻ

HAIDILAO Shrimp Soup Base 200g ʻ

HAIDILAO Pickled Vege Fish Soup Base 360g ζ

HAIDILAO Mushroom Soup Base 150g ̾

HAIDILAO Bone Broth 110g

HAIDILAO Basic Stir Fry Sauce 220g ζ

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